Xinhang Liu

I am a first-year CSE PhD student at  HKUST, advised by Chi-Keung Tang and Yu-Wing Tai. I graduated from ShanghaiTech University with Bachelor's degree in 2022, where I was lucky to join the group of  Jingyi Yu. My research interest lies in the intersection of computer vision, computational imaging, and graphics. Outside of academics, I am a basketball enthusiast.

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I am currently focusing on utilizing neural scene representations to understand, reconstruct, render and edit real world.

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Unsupervised Multi-View Object Segmentation Using Radiance Field Propagation

Xinhang Liu, Jiaben Chen, Huai Yu, Yu-Wing Tai, Chi-Keung Tang
NeurIPS, 2022
project page / arXiv / code / data

We study segmenting objects in 3D during reconstruction given only unlabeled multi-view images of a scene, from an information-theoretic perspective.

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Fourier PlenOctrees for Dynamic Radiance Field Rendering in Real-time

Liao Wang*, Jiakai Zhang*, Xinhang Liu, Fuqiang Zhao, Yanshun Zhang, Yingliang Zhang, Minye Wu Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu
CVPR, 2022
project page / arXiv

A novel technique to tackle efficient neural modeling and real-time rendering of dynamic scenes captured under the free-view video (FVV) setting.

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Editable Free-Viewpoint Video using a Layered Neural Representation

Jiakai Zhang, Xinhang Liu, Xinyi Ye, Fuqiang Zhao, Yanshun Zhang, Minye Wu, Yingliang Zhang, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu
project page / arXiv / code / Two Minute Papers

The first approach for editable photo-realistic free-viewpoint video generation for large-scale dynamic scenes using only sparse 16 cameras.

Service & Teaching

  • Conference Reviewer of CVPR 2022/2023.
  • CS182 Introduction to Machine Learning (21F), Teaching Assistant.
  • SI100B Introduction to Information Science and Technology (21F), Teaching Assistant.
  • CS276 Computational Photography (21F), Guest Lecture in 'NeRF'.

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